Interview with Ty Cutner

The power of sharp appearance with Coach Ty Cutner

Ty Cutner, He was able to transform his life once he begin dressing well on a daily basis. Like most people he didn’t think much about what he wore but he discovered just how powerful a sharp appearance can be. Now he share his discovery by helping others achieve similar transformations.

shan ty cutner

  • Hi Tyron, how are you doing? Please tell us something about your work? How did you choose to become an entrepreneur?
I’m doing well Shan.
I teach men how to develop a wardrobe so sharp it literally transforms their life.
I got a taste of being an entrepreneur around 2003. I started selling women’s shoes on eBay. I was so successful I was able to quit my job and do it full time. Entrepreneurship was in my blood ever since.
  • It is true when we see someone well-dressed. We feel good about him/her..but why did you make this your career to help people with their dressings?
Several years ago I was in a rough place. I was working a job I hated, a new father, approaching the age of 30 feeling like I was floating through life. And then I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me. I took a honest look in the mirror and didn’t like the image I was projecting. So I started wearing my professional clothes everyday for no real reason. It changed everything for me. I became a Chief Operations Officer of a non profit organization in a matter of months.
I eventually started helping friends and watch as their lives started changing. That’s when I realized that creating a sharp appearance goes beyond what we see. It has the power to change us. That’s when I begin helping other men.
  • You say you can help people with dressing without purchasing new clothes, don’t you? How can you prove this statement?
Dressing well is a skill. I teach men this skill using the clothes they currently own before buying new clothes. The first thing I teach my clients and students is how to get their clothes to fit them perfectly. The reason most men don’t look sharp is because they wear clothes that are too big. Perfect fit that makes the world of difference.
You can tweak your current wardrobe once you know how it should look by taking it to a tailor. This will improve the fit of your clothes.
  • Few words for all of the men? How can they be well dressed?
There is one style that works for every man and that’s a classic style. The same clothes we consider “professional” can be worn causally. These clothes are timeless, they never go out of style and they make men look their absolute best. Younger men can play with color to add their individuality.
  • Tell us something about your coaching? How people reach out at you?
I wish I had the luxury of being coached by someone like me. To learn exactly what do to create a celebrity level image is something I always wanted. Most of my clients find me in Facebook where I post content on my personal page, my Well Dressed Academy FB group or my website
I work with my clients for 90 days. I put them through a step by step process to improve their current wardrobe, identity the image they want to have, the shopping process and developing the confidence to be the sharpest man in the room.
  • Would you like to say something about confidence?
Confidence is the fuel to success. It’s something you can’t hold but once you have it it’s hard to hide.
  • How much is this important to you and why?
The reason I and my clients transform their lives is because they see a sharp person in the mirror. That gives them a sense of confidence they’ve never felt before. This eliminates all their mental limitations.
My sharp appearance and confidence grants me special treatment from strangers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into exclusive clubs because of how I look. That same confidence opens doors in business, relationships etc.
  • Would you prefer a job or entrepreneurship? And why?
Entrepreneurship of course. Working a job has its pros. But entrepreneurship is what makes the world go round. The challenges, the highs, the lows, the freedom, the people you meet on your journey,  it’s an amazing ride. It’s really a lifestyle choice. When things get tough I ask myself “do you want to work a job?” Heck no!  That kicks me right into gear.
  • Any message for our readers?

I want people who read this to understand just how important our appearance is to us. When we look in the mirror we must believe in that person. Greatly improving your appearance motivates us in a way that can transform our lives. Even small improvements, better grooming habits, smelling good, etc can go a long way.

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