Interview with Tomas Svitorka

Hello my fellow “ShanPreneur”. I am glad to see people are loving my series of Interviews, encouraging me a lot to interview more and more people. Thank you very much for this huge support. Today we have Tomas Svitorka as a guest, he is a life and business coach. Let’s talk to him to learn more about him.

  • Please introduce yourself? What do you do?
Absolutely. My name is Tomas; I’m a life coach, business coach, and speaker.
I work with entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and managers for whom OK is NOT enough.
I help them strategically push pass the zone of tolerable discomfort and achieve outstanding results.
Through the knowledge and skills I gained from my Psychology degree, several extensive coaching (and NLP) certifications, and years of personal development, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals to achieve a more fulfilling and authentic lifestyle. I’ve been featured in Vice, several podcasts including The Unconvetionalists, and I’m currently a coach for the Threshold Accelerator by Dent, who are worldwide leaders in business training and strategy.
I’m currently writing a book that aims to help others understand why ‘average’ is the new enemy of success.
My goal is to create a ripple effect of people who become so successful and fulfilled that they will inspire others to do the same.


    • How did you come to know this profession?

I got into personal development when I was 25. I felt there is so much more I could do with my life. I started working really hard on myself, read all personal development books I could find. I started changing, and my life started changing. I worked on my fears and insecurities. I wanted to understand human mind and behaviour on a much deeper level, so I signed up for a psychology degree. When I graduated, I wanted to help people turn their life around (just as I turned mine). I wanted to have my own business. Coaching seemed to tick all the boxes. I dived right into it and started learning everything I could about it. I started offering to coach for free. That’s what I did for six months. Then I got my first paying client. Soon I knew this is what I wanted to do for a living. Since then I’ve worked extremely hard to build the business and reputation I have today.

  • Why didn’t you choose to become a psychologist? Could you be anything? Why a life coach?
Psychology is fascinating and has many interesting branches. But I didn’t want to be a therapist (it can be quite dark and heavy) neither a researcher (it’s too passive for me. I love working with people).
Also, I wanted to be my own boss.
Life coaching ticks all the boxes for me.
Working with people
Helping people
Constantly learning new ways to understand human behaviour
Having my own business
And I love when people value what I do.


  • How do you help people in stating out their new business?
Starting a new business can be a daunting and scary thing, especially if it’s for the first time. There are many moving parts people usually don’t think of. First of all, the product or service must be sh*t hot. There must be something different about it. Otherwise, you’ll be competing on price. I believe that in building a successful business, one needs to pay attention how they develop their brand and brand awareness. One of the main areas new businesses struggle with is sales. Going out there and offering their stuff.
So, in reality, what I help people with is to take their pink glasses off and get real about their business. One needs to love running a business not just the idea of having a business. It’s hard and competitive out there and you cannot hide if you want to make it.


  • What additional skills besides coaching do you bring into play?
I bring a lot of my personal experience. I’ve coached hundreds of clients and had over 3000 coaching hours. I’ve learned a lot on my way as I’ve made a lot of mistakes. There is a lot of theory out there that looks nice on paper but in reality, doesn’t work.
I bring my personality, humanness, connection, and real care for my clients. I love my clients. I only work with people who inspire me and I believe in. I cannot wait to see them the next session, and it shows. People really like that I’m real and honest.


  • Do you think having a degree in anything is mandatory to start any business?
It depends. For certain professions you need it. If you want to be a private brain surgeon, you better get one.
Degree usually gives you credibility and relevant knowledge and experience.
But if you want to start a small product or service business, I think you learn more by working in one for some time, hanging around business owners, or even better, start one. Start small so you can get your hands on it and understand what it’s all about. Most degrees are very theoretical, and you end up with a lot of knowledge you won’t use and $10,000x of debts.
I loved doing my degree in psychology, and it was a very important achievement in my life (I was the first one in my family to have a degree, let a lot in the second language). It has given me extra edge and credibility. But I also know that had I started my business instead, I’d be much further down the line today.


  • How can people find the best ideas for their business? I mean, when they are totally new! How can the figure out which business is right for them?
It must be something you love doing and have huge passion for. Running a business is hard, and if you don’t like what you’re doing, you won’t last. You might as well get a job (you don’t like). At least you’ll have more financial security.
There must be a need for your product or service out there. You may be passionate about doing spaghetti sculptures, but if no one want’s one, you won’t make a business out of it.
Your potential clients must be able to pay your price.


  • Any of your proudest movement?
There are many.
Finishing my degree and all my coaching certifications.
My first free client. My first paying client. My first high ticket client.
Having multimillionaires and celebrities wanting to work with me.
Seeing lives of my clients transform.
Winning a business award.
There are so many things. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I come from a little village up the hills in the Czech Republic where my future was to work in a factory, settle down, plant a tree, and grow old.


  • Any message for our readers?
If you’re stuck, get a coach. Any coach. The best you can afford.
I got where I am because of coaching.
You cannot make it on your own. That’s the reality.
Tomas’s Website:

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