Interview With Student Millionaire Coach Richard Patenaude

Richard is a globally recognized wealth coach for the student and is founder of The most interesting thing I found in it is his coach student to become millionaire which is quite different. Before that I was thinking only older people can become rich and that is something you all have heard so far, isn’t it? The idea behind Student Millionaire is so unique and rare.

I am also a student so it was such a pleasure for me to interview Richard Petenaude. Let’s talk to him and learn more!

Since childhood we are taught that to become rich we have to work hard, now you have a different idea that mindset can make people rich? How does it work? What do you think about?

To become rich, you do have to work hard. However, with the proper Success and Wealth Mindset applied to that Goal, you can cut your time in half to achieve it mainly because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The 10 Steps to a proper Success and Wealth Mindset have been around for a hundred years. We are just not taught to think this way from an early age. However, my Mission with The Student Millionaire Global Community is to change all that for Young Adults worldwide.

To become a leader, what is important?

A Leader has to know where he is going and persuade other people to follow him to get there too. This requires Leader skills which come naturally to some people. Otherwise, you can read up on it, study it and practice those leadership skills until you are comfortable and confident about being that Leader.

How to find a purpose in life when we are already taught that we have to focus on education and go find a job?

To find your purpose in Life, you have to go within. If you don’t know your purpose or have a personal Dream, you have to take the time to at the very least find your starting point. Episode 1 of my podcast is devoted to this question. I recommend everyone who struggles with that question to listen to that episode. Here is a link to my podcasts. They are only 15 minutes long.

What are the basic ideas on for beginner entrepreneurs?

Mindset is everything. Your Mindset is more important than the business you choose to do. Those 10 Steps to a proper Success and Wealth Mindset give you the tools you need to be successful. That proper Mindset and your Direction that comes from within will lead you to a Fulfilled Life doing work you love to do, and find Success by making money doing it. Where people become disheartened or get discouraged is in the time it takes to achieve Success or a personal Dream. Just like the time it takes an acorn to become an oak tree, the same is true about becoming successful or achieving a Dream. A proper mindset will keep you on track to never, ever give up on yourself or your Dream. Remember, everything was in the acorn in the beginning as it is with everyone.

Tell us something about your podcasts and other products? How can people benefit from this?

My book, The Student Millionaire, my website, my Blog, my YouTube channel, my Facebook Page and Posts and now The Student Millionaire Podcast are all intended to teach and train anyone who wants to acquire, develop and apply a proper Success and Wealth Mindset to their life going forward. As I said previously, Mindset is everything. Couple a proper Success and Wealth Mindset with a Direction in your Life that comes from inside of you, and you are on your way to a Fulfilled and Happy Life.

Which is more important, money or happiness?

They go together. Life is a two-sided coin. One one side you have Fulfillment doing work you love to do. On the other side, you have Success making money doing it. Combine the two and you will live a Happy Life.

How to find fulfillment?

Fulfillment must come finding your Purpose in life. And if you don’t know what that is, you must at the very least find your starting point which comes from something you are passionate about. To start, do the 20-minute exercise I describe in Episode 1 of my podcast.

Any message for our readers? Can they reach out to you and your services?

My services, as described above, are all online and they are free. The only thing for sale is my book, The Student Millionaire, which you can download from Amazon as an eBook for very little money. Anyone can reach out to me through the contact tab on my website

Note: Here is a free gift from Richard for all readers… Download it here: The Student Millionaire Book



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