Interview with Meg Brunson

Hey! My fellow “ShanPreneurs!” My name is Shan Naqvi and I am your host with guest Meg. Meg lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and 4 daughters. She is a former Facebook employee and the founder and CEO of EIEIO Marketing, a digital marketing agency that focuses on Facebook Ads. She also hosts the FamilyPreneur Podcast, an inspirational podcast for parents pursuing entrepreneurship and raising their children with an entrepreneurial mindset. Meg is passionate about entrepreneurship and raising empowered children. She’s also very active with her local Chamber of Commerce and with the Girls Rule Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on empowering teenage girls.

  • I am gonna start interview but, before that I’d like you to introduce yourself? What you actually do?

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a mom to 4 daughters. My primary business is that I founded EIEIO Marketing – a digital marketing agency that focuses on Facebook Ads. I manage Facebook Ads for a variety of small-medium sized businesses. I also have a podcast I launched in 2018 called FamilyPreneur, in which I explore topics related to family & entrepreneurship through a series of interviews.

  • When did you start EIEIO Marketing and why?

I launched EIEIO Marketing in March of 2017 – just 2 months after leaving my job at Facebook. When I worked at Facebook, I consulted with a variety of businesses and agencies on their Facebook Marketing strategy, and it was astonishing how much misinformation is out there. I love helping people, and my experiences working for Facebook qualify me to provide information and services that businesses can really benefit from. I love being able to help people learn the platform, and then leverage Facebook to grow their businesses!

  • Why not a job but entrepreneurship?

I was raised thinking that success meant finding a good job, but pretty consistently dabbled in entrepreneurship alongside whatever job I happened to have at the time. I left Facebook because I really wanted to have more freedom to be the mom I wanted to be to my kids – the time to participate in their school functions without worrying about taking time off of work. I also experienced some pretty serious health issues which triggered memories of losing my father at a young age and wanting to make sure that I was really focused on the important things in my life – my health, my kids, and my happiness. I believe it’s important to be in charge of your future, and the best way to do that is to be in control of your income fully – through entrepreneurship.

  • Tell me something about Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is always changing. Constantly. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted expert on your side, so that you can navigate the ever-changing platform, rules, and tools. Right now there are BIG changes happening that will impact how marketers target audiences for their Ads. If you are running Ads on Facebook, or planning to do so in the future, my best advice would be to install the Facebook Pixel on your website so that you can collect/analyze/target the custom audience of people who visit and take actions on your website.

  • Tell me about an accomplishment you are most  proud of?

I am constantly most proud of my children – raising them to be kind, smart, and entrepreneurial little people. Knowing that they are positively impacted by MY entrepreneurship and philanthropy is an amazing accomplishment that I am so very proud of. It’s my hope that they will make an even greater impact on the world through their lives!

  • How do you advertise your business?

I (of course) run Facebook Ads, but I also focus heavily on building relationships with people. I do that through my Podcast, Facebook Groups, and local in-person networking groups. There are lots of people who offer what I do – but my experience, knowledge, and personality is what sets me apart and I’ve found that the best way to find quality new clients is through relationship building and referrals.

  • What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I have experienced numerous failures throughout my life… no one failure really stands out more than others. What I have learned is that failure is a part of the path to success… it’s inevitable and unavoidable. Failing itself is not a bad thing. What’s important is that when you fall, you fall FORWARD, and then get back up and keep making forward motion. Part of being a successful entrepreneur is the ability to pivot, and change directions, in order to keep moving forward!

  • Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time?

I’d say that it’s better to be good and on time. Being respectful of others’ time is important to me, because I expect the same in return. I strive for the best work/results, but sometimes good-enough is good-enough, and the truth of the matter is, that often the first attempt isn’t the final attempt – so striving for perfection often only serves to delay the project. Be on time and be okay with being “good enough” – and be willing to pivot and adjust as needed to consistently make improvements along the way!

  • Any message for our readers?

I hope that your readers set their goals high, and then set actionable steps to make those dreams come true. Remember, failure does not mean it’s time to stop – instead, it means that it’s time to adjust. Learn from your failures, pivot, change… but don’t quit! I truly believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to!

No doubt! Meg is just amazing. I am really inspired by her, she is doing great work. If you want to learn more about her, I’d request you to visit her website:

What Meg brunson says about Shan Ali Naqvi:

Shan is a true professional, and it was a pleasure getting to know him and contributing to his interview series!

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