Interview with Louisa Jolanda Poetess

When I was learning website development, online the only thing I was most interested was in learning English writing. I was fond of how people were choosing the right words to express their feelings and how they were putting their efforts to create soulful sentences.

Today I am having Louisa, who has magic in her words. What she writes is exactly what is in her head. It is her great art and she is of course and inspiration for all us. Let’s talk with Jolanda and learn more about how she became an English Poet…

Does becoming a poet come naturally or do you have to build your skills?  How did you start as a poet?

I do believe that being a poet is a natural process. Yes, you can develop skills in becoming a better poet through studies (reading and writing), but at the core of your word painting, you already have a natural feel for it.

My poetess journey began at the age of 16 when it came to me through melody. As a singer, I used to hear this melody in my head and then I would write the lyrics that went with it, but due to me not having the skill, nor the passion for musical theory (and the lack of confidence to record my voice singing it) I couldn’t write down the melody. So then I began to only write the words, which resulted in poetry.

Computers are taking on more and more tasks but what about actually creative writing in the form of poems?  Computers have written some poems but do they lack the “human” element?  How can a person put this “human” element into their poems?

Anyone can produce poetry, even a robot, but no matter how perfect the rhyme or wonderful the form, only a human being can add heart to it. You cannot produce emotion without heart. You even get people that might write perfect prose, which can leave you amazed at their ability with words, but no amount of perfection can produce that deep connection only the soul can comprehend.

So, yes, computers can produce poetry that may sound beautiful to the ear, but without the human element it is only a sound and it definitely has no soul. It can’t replace the heart. It can’t experience feelings. It can’t express the emotion that surface through life’s daily encounters. Computes can only replicate what they are programmed to. Humans are the ones through which God creates originality and uniqueness. The human element is intertwined into poetry when it is created with vulnerable authenticity.

How does the process of writing a book sharpen the minds of entrepreneurs?

In writing a book you are able to review your beliefs and the life you live. Every day we live in accordance with how we were raised, what we do for a living, whom we surround ourselves with and what we believe of ourselves, others and God. In writing your journey down you are granted with the opportunity to re-evaluate these life-impacting elements and decide if what you believe and live daily is worth the time, energy and sacrifice it requires.

So, yes, writing a book does sharpen your mind, because you can rid yourself of all the things that weigh you down, distract you and block you from living in the freedom you were created. To me writing produces clarity; clarity produces understanding; understanding produces patience; patience produces faith; faith produces freedom. Ultimately freedom produces the greatest creativity, which enhances your life and the lives of others.

As a worshiper of God, how did this help you to grow as a good person?

My journey with God began when I was small, but it was only when I faced the greatest challenge of my life – obedience to the voice of God over obedience to people – that He became the truth, the breath and the anchor of my life. I am where I am, and I am who I am, today, because of God’s grace. I’m not blessed because I’m a good person or anything of the sort.

I am privileged and beyond words blessed to be married to my best friend, pursue my word painting full time, and be the mommy of a Starlight boy, ALL because of the grace of God. If the results of my life were going to be based on what I have done and whom I used to be the only result would have been death. God’s grace is sufficient in every encounter and circumstance. His providence, consistency and presence aren’t based on my good deeds or perfect choices.

He loved me before I even knew Him. I was created to worship Him and nothing else will ever be able to occupy His place, purpose and passion in my life. Worshiping God inspires, illuminates and impacts my heart, soul and spirit, which then seeps into the words I paint, the way I love, what I believe and how I live my life daily. Being a worshiper of God is a continual journey of growth.

What are your products and services? Who is your target market?

I am a Poetess who loves painting with words. I started a blog called “Luminous Bloodline” in 2016, where I began sharing my life’s journey through words. In the middle of 2017, I stopped blogging, due to personal reasons, and thought that I was done with Luminous Bloodline. I was wrong. Since March 2019 Luminous Bloodline has been up and running again. I also began sharing the poetic pieces of other poets I’ve encountered. I enjoy it tremendously to read and share poetic voices that inspire, illuminate and leave a life-enhancing impact.

My first book: The Light Voyage – A Luminous Bloodline Anthology consists of poems and posts which originates from Luminous Bloodline’s Blog. This eBook is Free on most online platforms/stores.

My 2nd Book: Wilderness Wanderings – The Voiceless Years consists of only poetry, which is the first Poetry book in a duology, and contains all the poetry written during the first nine years, since the birth of my poetic voice (2002-2010).

My 3rd Book: Wilderness Wonders – The Awakening Years is the 2nd Poetry book in the duology, which continues further and includes a span of five years (2011-2015). It releases on 9 September 2019.

I also have an additional Blog on my author website, where I occasionally share about a book, story or author who has inspired me.

My target market is anyone who needs hope and encouragement. I started Luminous Bloodline with the intention to share light and hope in the midst of darkness and despair. I know this to be true because I have tasted and lived in darkness, then the Light entered and shattered it. Now I live as a vessel God uses to spread His Light through.

How to build the skills of creative writing? Is there a process to choose better words and become a better writer?

I began writing poetry at the age of 16. Then I had the privilege of studying Creative Writing through UNISA, which did help develop my word painting. I, however, have discovered that what makes you write better is broadening your horizons. This can come through studies but does not depend on formal education in Creative Writing. Creativity is laced into our being so it is already there within you. You require one thing to write creatively, which you already possess – no matter who has said what about you or what you have believed about yourself up to this moment – that is Bravery. Be brave in reading books you might overlook because it doesn’t fall into your general field of interest or upbringing.

Be brave in writing in a form that you haven’t seen before. Be brave to ask questions that go against your traditions. Be brave in venturing beyond your comfort zone. If you want to grow as a writer you need to grow as a person, and growth will not occur in comfort. You can go where others have gone before and learn from their experience.

Then you can go where others haven’t, which requires bravery that will push you beyond yourself. It is worth the risk, sacrifice and pain. Bravery awakens creativity. Writing is a process of transformation and continual growth. My writing is being transformed daily as I walk with God and encounter unknowns. If you feel blocked or stagnate in your writing, it isn’t because you are not worthy of being a writer or any of the deceptive thoughts that surface in us.

When you can’t seem to find the words to write, then read, listen and live that which inspire you. I get better at writing by continually writing and reading different kinds of books. The biggest impact on the development of my writing, however, comes through my encounters in living life with people. You need to get away from the computer and books also. You need to connect with people – laugh, cry, listen, and converse – then go and paint with words what you’ve encountered.

How to become our best selves and find a purpose in life?

Personally, I learned that I couldn’t become my better self without knowing who I am in the first place. Many people try to better themselves through many resources and activities, but they don’t know who they are. You can read, learn and do a lot of things but none of it will add value to your life until you know who you were created to be. You can even be an accomplished individual in your field and not know who you are. I didn’t know who I was until I got into a relationship with God. Not the religious “do this and don’t do that” kind of understanding I lived in before, but the authentic one where I come as I am – vulnerable, angry, hurt, broken, insecure, depressed, sinful – and let God do the renovations inside of me.

I mean, He created me, so only He can fully comprehend the depths in me that I don’t even grasp yet. When I stepped into this dynamic with God my purpose became clear. He is the source of my purpose. He placed talents, gifts and abilities in me for the purpose of glorifying Him by loving people. I love people by spreading His Light through my writing, singing and daily consistency. With full transparency I can say that it’s a daily choice that I need to make, and some days I don’t feel like loving and other days it comes naturally, but the heart of God remains Love.

His grace is sufficient for me so that He can love through me every day because it was and is never about me. Therefore, I rely on Him for the courage to love and know that is why I have the ability to love people well because His love flows through me.

What message would you like to give to our group?  How can you be contacted for your services?

I think I have said quite a lot by now. That’s what happens when you ask a writer to answer questions, you get essay answers. The message I will leave you with, though, is the one I wrote for the “dedication” page of my Poetry book:Wilderness Wanderings – The Voiceless Years, which reads:

“To all those who desire to live their lives authentically ablaze in truth. No more waiting. You were created for limitless destinies and epic adventures. Be courageous and let your soul be set alight by the Creator, He who breathed the stars into existence.”

To learn more about my word painting, you can visit my websites – or You can also connect with me via Facebook, Instagram and email, which are all available on my websites.

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