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Interview with ESL Instructor Ismail Shah of Syed Ismail Foundation English Language Academy (SIFELA)

Hello to all my entrepreneurs! This is Shan Naqvi, the host of the show, with one of the most amazing guest. He is an important guest that helps me learning English. His name is Syed Ismail Shah and he is an ESL instructor in my town. He is the only English instructor in my area. Ismail Shah is in the same village I am living in, Odero Lal. He went to a different province to learn the language in Lahore, Pakistan which is in Punjab Province. He was always an inspiration for me as he gives me tips to learn English. He is one of the people behind my success and another is of course my father!

Ismail Shah was a mentor to me and thousands of students in our province who were learning English for the competitive exams such as CSS/PCS. He is running an academy in our village called Syed Ismail Shah Foundation English Learning Academy (SIFELA) and a YouTube channel where he had been continuously uploading various education videos. Let’s talk to my mentor and learn more about him!

1. First, I would like you to introduce yourself what do you do?

First, thank you very much for having me on your show. I am Syed Ismail Shah, an ESL Instructor. I am having double bachelors; Bachelors in LL.B and Bachelors in Education. I also have my double degrees in Masters; Masters in Sociology and Masters in Islamic Culture. I have been teaching English language in the different institutions over the last 8 years. Since I was a child, it was my dream to learn English and become expert of the language so I can be helping people in my homeland country. Because we are having fewer English language instructors in our country.

2. Why did you choose to become a ESL instructor?

I chose to become ESL instructor because I wanted to help people understand the broadcast news and the newspapers in English. As we all know to learn about the international affairs we must read English newspapers and watch English news. There are magazines such as World Time Magazines, The Economists and The Herald and are many excellent books written in English, which our people were not able to read because of the language hurdles. Besides this, unless we get a grip on English, we can’t know the content of the English language channels. And of course, our all courses and books are in English and so our students can’t understand the syllabus taught in schools and colleges without a grasp of English. This is why I chose to become an ESL instructor and teach others in my area.

3. What is your suggestion for those who are just getting started with learning English?

To learn any foreign language, there are different practices like listening, speaking and writing to be performed. As far as my people are concerned they don’t have an environment where they can learn English and get coaching from experts. So for new learners, I would suggest learning English grammar and vocabulary on daily basis. During these activities, learners can speak before a mirror on an easy topic to boost their confidence. Beside this, they can start writing a daily dairy or on the topics of their own choice. These are tips which could are helpful for beginners.

4. As an ESL (English as Second Language) instructor what do you feel is most important thing for the aspiring students to learn/focus?

As far as learning of English language is questioned. I strongly feel the need an environment to learn English within a short time. For instance, Indian people speak English everywhere which supplements the new learners. I mean our people should focus on speaking and pronunciation of the words and this will lead to improved speaking ability.

5. Any tips for writing? What are the basic elements to know for good writing skills?

Well for this there is a common quote; “Readers are the leaders”, but I must say here that those who read good books and they are voracious readers can only write in the better fashion and create good writing style onwards. There are no fixed rules to improve the writing skills. I strongly believe in practice because practice makes the man perfect. The more you practice the more you get better with it

6. How much confidence is important for spoken English?

I believe hard work is key to success but no one can neglect the fact that confidence is more important than anything so same with the spoken English. If you are not having enough confidence that really doesn’t matter how well you speak English in front of people. It is as simple is that.

7. Any message for our readers? (What should they be doing to improve their English?)

Whatever you do, do it with full vigor. We have to put our all energies to get expertise in our own language and any other foreign language. Have your writing checked by seniors or experts. Get used to speaking English without any apprehension and increasing vocabulary (this is a never ending journey). Last but not the least, if you can use the Internet to connect with the English speakers it will help bring perfection in your language. Thanks to all. Good luck ahead.

See what EFL Instructor Steven Perrott says about Ismail Shah

Learning to speak another language will improve your mind and give you benefit in many ways you may not realize. Ismail Shah had put in the work to learn English and shares his learning with many others. Learning a language is a wealth you can keep with you as you use it that only increases in value.

Steven Perrott

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