Interview with Business Coach Paul Hoyt

You everyone might have suffered from the real problem. After all, ups and downs are part of life and it is something everyone has to go through. I was also one of them. There was a time when I was so depressed and there was no one around me to support me. I was facing real mental health problems and then there was someone who came into my life… I would not call him by his name but rather choose to call him an angel for me.

Paul Hoyt was a person who supported me all the time. Not only he supported me as a friend, but he introduced me with different online entrepreneurship ideas.

He is a very expensive coach, but he was always there for me to help me out with my matters. I thought to interview him today so you all can learn from his knowledge and wisdom. Let’s talk with him and grow more together!

I have heard a lot about meditations although this is not very common in here. What is the power of meditation and how to start meditating for beginners?

There are many types of meditation, and they all have one thing in common: replacing the usual random (and often very negative) thoughts with more empowering ones, or with complete silence.  Doing so removes a lot of toxic, harmful, stressful energy from our lives, and helps us become more relaxed, confident, and cheerful. 

How did you find true happiness in your life?

I found it in my memories and my imagination. It came from within, not from anything I was doing or having. 

I believe self-development is more important than anything else… How to build ourselves once on realize about that?

Once you realize the power that self-development has to help you lead a heather and happier life, you will be drawn towards it instinctively.  You will find many ways to shift your energy and lift your spirits, and you will find many teachers and guides to help you. It is inevitable. You can take a break, but you can never really stop. 

What is spirituality to you? And how can it help us in our everyday life?

Spirituality to me is the highest form of personal expression. When conversations about personal development and personal growth start to include concepts like Love, God, Divinity, and the Incredible Human Spirit, then they become conversations about Spiritual Growth. 

Spirituality is the practice of focusing your attention on Divine concepts and living in a way that is synergistic with those concepts.  

What is your advice for the startup entrepreneurs? How can they grow as business person?

Two things: education and team.  Understand the job of running a business (which includes leadership, marketing, sales, financial management, service, operations, product development, etc.) and surround yourself with great advisers and teammates who have the skills and experience you are lacking. 

How mindset can help a person in businesses?

Running a business is challenging and can be downright frightening. It is essential to have great emotional intelligence skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) in order to effectively work through the problems, obstacles, challenges, and issues that present themselves practically every day. 

Having a great attitude towards learning and growth and having compassion and empathy for others is the key. 

What are your insights about educations? How much gaining knowledge is important? And what is your strategy to work on that?

Education never ends. There is always something valuable to learn. Decades ago, people generally stopped focusing on their education when they got out of school, now, with the power of the Internet, it never stops.  My strategy is to keep reading books, look up things that trigger my curiosity, and ask a lot of questions. My curiosity is insatiable!

One more thing: Knowledge is important, but taking action is even more important!

What message would you like to give to our group?  How can you be contacted for your services?

You have Greatness within you: Discover it, Remember it, Embrace it, Live it, and Share it every day. 

Remember that Awakening is a skill – you will get better with practice. And every time you take a few minutes to lift your spirits and shift your energy, it not only pays off immediately, it pays off every day for the rest of your life!

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