Interview with American Writer Steven E. Kuhn

Learning is a never ending journey. The more you learn, the more it provokes you gain more and more knowledge. With the same intention I started this blog. Today I am happy that I am having guests from most of the countries with different knowledges. I am feeling a true happiness behind taking the decision to start this blog which has helped me and my readers for the last couple of years to grow more and more.

I would like to introduce a very great guest today who is called Steven Kuhn. Steven is an American author and someone who helps business owners to expand their business. More information about him can be found on his website here: Let’s learn from him!

Value proposition is the concept that people offering goods or services have to convince the customer that the good or service that they are offering is better than anything else out there.  How did you establish this with your customers? 

I have clients and we work on a series of outcomes starting with the mission, vision, personality and essence, first then is a value proposition possible. Too many people make up a streamline, make a colorful logo and wait for the flood of traffic. Unless you have a solid foundation in your complete message, you will always be the middle person who “wins some and loses some”. When your value proposition is crystal clear and actually presents a solution to a known problem for the specific demographic, sales are a result, not a goal. To put it bluntly: nice words, a nice logo and all the marketing in the world will do less for you when people know you are solving a key problem. If you are not solving a problem, you may just be part of it in some way or the other.    

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Especially for those for whom English is a second language.  What advice would you give them about learning sentence structure and verb tense agreement? I published 2 books, one in German and one in English and I have 3 more books coming out soon, all with co-authors or ghost writers. It is not important for me to be known as a writer, I want to have an impact, massive impact. Instead of trying to learn something I am not a professional at, I spend my time getting better at what I am already good at so I can be the best. Everything else is delegated, only the task, not the responsibility. Figure out why you want to write and what the impact should be, if you cannot make it happen then get help, simple as that. These days it makes little sense to write a book with no programs or products attached. Most publishers in the self help space won’t even accept your book until you have something to offer the readers after they purchase, this is key for sustained earnings and impact. Getting the reader to embark on a personal journey in a workshop with you is what builds a following. 

What kinds of products or services do you offer, and who would benefit from those products or services? 

As a business turnabout’s around consultant I have worked all over the globe, had great impact at the organizational and sometimes personal level, after 20 years I decided to take it all online in 2017. The results were that all my clients in Europe left me as they wanted me to travel for them, which I do not do anymore due to my young family and two children. I set up a few programs: First one being the last goals setting course you will ever need: The 8 week program allows you to form habits around your goals, then turn those habits into accountability systems you crave. (LINK) 

The second program we set up is called the Immediate Impact Revenue Program. This is an annual program with 4 live sessions each week in a group of like minded entrepreneurs with which you can collaborate, form partnerships and learn from. We invite industry specialists like Evan Carmichael, Tim Story, Ales Brown and more to teach those things that they have already done and made millions doing. Not THEORY but applied knowledge and experience. (LINK)

What is idea behind (H.I.T)?

H.I.T. Principles: Honesty + Transparency = Integrity. H.I.T. leads to Trust. Trust leads to manifesting what you want in life.

Honesty is being true to who you are and how you live. Transparency is communicating your honesty for anyone to observe. Integrity is the result and your ongoing reputation.

Benefits of living by H.I.T.:

  • You have the clarity of who you are and exactly what you want in life.
  • You live an incredibly happy life where everyone seems to help you every step of the way.
  • You naturally attract others who live by H.I.T., making life really easy and enjoyable.

When you operate under H.I.T. you get an authentic connection, significance, and true happiness. Scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. Being able to give value in that exact moment. You show up wholly and fully present for whatever comes, No agenda, not trying to solve anything. You are simply there to provide value to elevate others. In today’s world, you see people following a trend, because they are trying to be someone else and through someone else. They’re not living their true life because they don’t know who you are. HIT allows you to dig through the layers and People look outward to follow trends. They want to be someone else. They need to know their true value and worth a lot. I can give back because I have value. I can dictate your own reality.

Any idea for new entrepreneurs who are starting out? 

Get started, move now, move every day, one centimeter, one for, one universe, it does not matter, keep moving. Use expired cue as a lead in for speaking with mentors who you seek through looking for who is where you want to be or has surpassed that level, then you simply ask for help. ALWAYS ask for help as much as possible to compress time and get results much faster. Don’t count on Internet gurus to show you truth, they make a sale and send you to a cookie cutter class. Join a program that does not break your wallet but has live aspects where you can directly get answers and support. (Like our program here: (LINK). You are responsible for your success, no one else. 

Would you say that self-esteem and self-confidence are important to a business person?  What do you think are the most important traits for a business person to possess?

Indeed self-esteem and confidence are key to the perception of others. People want to work with confident and strong people who know their business in and out; the unspoken word is always stronger than the spoken word. If they see confidence you already won. Not arrogance, big difference. A business person is a descriptive title that means nothing really. In my opinion you want to be known for the results you achieve, you want people to call you because they know you can solve their problems, you do that, you win always. A few traits that are key I already mentioned above go with no expectations unless verbalized. Many leaders and business owners will expect something form their employees or partners yet never verbalize it, this causes problems always. Positive traits are results of creating and forming healthy habits that turn into routines and accountability, which is why we formed the last goal setting course you will ever need. This allows you to create from a place of identity and purpose creating certainty in your mission; the traits that show up after you take our course are life changing. Check it out here: (LINK) 

What are good financial habits for a person who is running their own business?  How important do you believe good financial habits are for a business person? 

Put 10% as a minimum aside each month, it creates wealth. Good financial habits are the difference between a legacy business and a business to just make a living.

Do you have any advice for our readers?  How can they contact you if they are interested in your services?

Always stay true to you and use humility and the measure for your language and presence, there are no quick magic wins, collaborate with winners and collapse time to be better faster. They can reach to to me at

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