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I’m thrilled to announce my interview season with our country’s people. And I am most happy to know that we’ve a famous entrepreneur Ali Raza as our first guest. He is a legendary writer and an inspiration for our new young generation. There’s always risk in entrepreneurship and he’s shown how to overcome that fear and do something real in our life. Sitting at home and be fearing is going to do nothing! You may want to read more to learn about how successful you can become as an entrepreneur.

  • I am so thrilled to have you on my blog. You’re among the most successful blogger in Pakistan so; everybody wants to know your story? How did you come to know blogging?

All praises to Allah SWT. I’m a digital marketer who loves branding and business. Being a Google Certified Digital Marketer and Google partner Company owner, I used to be invited in various universities to educate people regarding Digital Marketing. I thought to make a connection to remain connected with them and that’s how I started blogging.

  • How do you prefer being an entrepreneur instead of do a regular job?

Being Entrepreneur is risky and requires you to take risks. Not every risk proves to be a success so you need to have a mind with a big vision to be an entrepreneur. I can sleep without money but not without the mindset of being entrepreneur. It’s a lifestyle actually.

  • How much motivation is important to you?

Just like with every other field and with every other person. Motivation is as much important to me as much it’s to everyone else. Once in a while you need motivation directly or indirectly to do what you are doing. However, with a field like blogging where it takes time to be successful while being consistent. Motivation is such important thing without which you can’t go further.

  • What are the best resources to earn money blogging?

Many ways. Adsense is the most common. Selling services is the second. Selling your own coaching/training programs or ebooks can be third. Referring products or doing Affiliate marketing is another. If you think like a marketer, you can think of 100’s of ways to cash your audience, but I suggest people to focus first on building audience.

  • There is question I get every day, when you’re earning money how do you get paid in Pakistan when there is no facility of PayPal?

I do collaborations. I use for clients mostly which accepts Paypal and credit card. I also accept payoneer.

  • How important is English in blogging?

Not much important. What matters more is your interest, passion and your consistency towards making your blog a successful one.

  • What are your tips for beginners’ bloggers to learn blogging?

Understand your competitors, their strategies and their mistakes before jumping in. If you are a blogger in certain market, you need to know who are your competitors; what people like in their content and how do you self-analyze yourself. Keep going no matter what people say, just be consistent.

  • Thank you very much for being a guest on my blog, is there any message for our readers?

Yours welcome. It was a wonderful session with you. My message to your readers will be: If you want to do something good in your life, build a brand.

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