How to raise your self-esteem


When you are afraid of people all the time, when you do not have the power to do anything and when you are unable to let people know that they’re hurting you! Doesn’t matter, how much good you’re! Nothing matters, there! You’re just a person who is lacking self esteem… Now a lot of people ask me what Self esteem is?You can google it and find thousands of articles on self-esteem. Wikipedia can also elaborate it, in a very easy manner. But to me, self-esteem is a power which you can create to grow yourself… Think about it for a while, a person who can’t respect himself; how can he respect others? Everything starts from you! As they say, Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

When you respect yourself your confidence level start growing. Not only you but people will start respecting you! I’m asked a lot of time about this so, today I am going to give you some basics tips which can help you to build good self respect. Now there is something I’d like to say, people ask me Shan it isn’t as easy as you tell. We are unable to implement, it isn’t practicle.Easier said than done, as they say. So, I’d like to say friends I do not need any kind of excuses with that. You can do everything when you want. It is all into your hands, if you want to improve yourself, you need to try these tips.

Here are my few tips below:

1. Comparing yourself:  It is the most difficult thing you will ever see. It has a lot of disadvantages, but people still rely on this. Do you know what? Self comparing is the only thing which will eat your self-esteem. While comparing yourself in front of others you will only see the things you lack and you don’t have but you will be blind to see the things you’ve and you can do. Let me give you an example on that.For suppose, you see a boy walking in front of you and when you compare yourself with him you will find something like: OH God! He’s wearing so beautiful shirt, he has really very good watch! Why don’t I have? isn’t it true? So, now let me explain. You forgot to see you have better shoes than him, a better ring than him, your hair style is much better than him and your eyes are more beautiful than him. What happens was you saw what you do not have and you lack but was unable to see what you have and you can do. So, if you want to start respecting yourself, stop doing this. Remember, everyone has unique things in his life. NEVER COMPARE.

2. Telling yourself all the time that you’re doing this wrong:
This is also a bigger problem. We often tell ourselves that we’re doing this wrong and when we achieve the same things we just forget to say WOW! we did it. We’re living in a negative attitude life where we can only see our failures. The more you become good with yourself the better you’ll become in reality. Mistakes are part of your life, you can’t ignore it. No one is perfect here. Everyone has bad past and present. Stop thinking about this, be positive. Do what you can and stop thinking about what you can’t.

3. Be good to others:
I’ve often seen people abusing each other. Uttering the very wrong words in the sake of friendship. To be honest, it isn’t cool! When you see it is good to not to respect you make an opposite image of respect. Don’t do this. Be well with others so, they will also treat you well and you will raise your self-respect. The only thing which is cool is respecting your friends and being polite.

4. Be with the positive people:
Now this is the last and very important thing I’ve ever said. If you’re around the negative people you’re never going to respect yourself because, they’ll all the time tell you that you’re not good enough. They will always tell you the guy front of you is better than you. Never listen to them! NEVER. Whoever is among one of your brother, cousin or anyone. Just never listen to him and try to avoid that kind of people. You will feel much better.

I hope, you’ll like my article. If YES! Comment below so, I will write soon.

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