Hi, I'm Shah Ali Naqvi

I’m a 21 years old young entrepreneur living in Odero Lal in Pakistan. I’ve interviewed some great personalities such as Kate Luella of KateLuella.com, Rafay Baloch of rafayhackingarticles.net, Srini Rao of BlogcastFM and Nwangene of topbloggingcoach.com and fastblogtips.com. I love to talk with other entrepreneurs to share their secrets to success so we can all learn and grow together.

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Angela Ferrari

“Shan is a young and motivated entrepreneur with hustle. I admire his grit and his positive attitude. You can see this demonstrated so clearly by the interviews he has conducted with successful entrepreneurs. He asks the important questions beyond surface and allows readers to glean actionable tips and insights that they can apply to their own professions.”

Ieva Kambarovaite

“Shan is a great interviewer. I really admire his work and I think it is amazing what he does. He educates his readers by exposing them to different life paths. It broadens your horizons and helps you to live a fuller life.”

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